Dr Blue & Dr Rock
This top Yorkshire outfit  are renowned for their superb musicianship blended with surreal sardonic humour, making every gig special. Originally a blues band, they've turned their attention to classic rock, drawing on their background of gigging at top venues and with top names over the last 20 years. They put their own unique stamp on anything they play, making their gigs a breath of fresh air to venues, and sending audiences home still smiling and shaking their heads, as if they've just witnessed the Hairy Bikers play  cracking music whilst making a Steak and kidney pie...More


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The Manic Medics
This has been the band's nickname for several years after being dubbed thus in the press.

They are toying with the idea of changing the band name to this in line with their change of material, and invite feedback from fans. Let us know what you think.

In the meantime all promo will carry both names  until people get used to the idea...

Should Dr Blue / Dr Rock change their name to The Manic Medics??

Drop us an email with your thoughts!

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ZZ Eliminator
The lads ambled to international starettedom in their other incarnation as top UK  ZZ Top tribute band ZZ Eliminator.

A whirlbreeze of gigs in the UK and Portugal included top venues such as The Boardwalk, Sheffield, The Limelight, Crewe, Festada Cerveja-Portugal, Clarence Festival, The Springhead, Hull,Munsters of Rock Festival, Beaulieu Classic Car Show and numerous Charity Biker Events.

Enquiries still come in for gigs in far flung places such as Belgium, Russia and Alverthorpe, but  ZZ Eliminator  is now  retired apart from occasional very special local events.

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